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On This Day

October 12

National Farmers Day

1792 The 1st Columbus day is held

1907 The Chicago Cubs sweep Detroit Tigers to win the World Seriers

1915 The 1 millionth model T Ford rolls of the

1916 The Boston Red Sox win the World Series 4 - 1 over the Brooklyn Dodgers

1920 Cleveland Indians win the world series over Brooklyn Robins.

1958 The Blob hits Theatres directed by Irvin Yeaworth Staring Steve McQueen

1937 Schools re - open in Toronto after 6 weeks due to the polio outbreak

1966 Jimi Hendrix, Noel Redding & Mitch Mitchell forms the Jimi Hendrix experience

1967 The St. Louis Cardinals capture the World Series Title in 7 game series beating The Boston Red Sox

1979 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is published

1990 Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael opens in movie theatres directed by Jim Abrahams staring Winona Ryder

1992 Bret the Hitman Hart wins the WWF title over Ric Flair

Happy Birthday

1921 Art Clokey animator of Gumby & Davey and Goliath

1935 Samuel David Moore musician in the group Sam & Dave

1935 Luciano Pavarotti Tenor

1942 Melvin Franklin musician The Temptations

1968 Hugh Jackman actor X-Men

1970 Kirk Cameron actor in Growing Pains

1975 Ahmad Rapper

1986 Millie Brown Artist

1996 Tahlia Paris model



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