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October 4

National Vodka Day

National Taco Day

1824 The republic of Mexico is established

1873 The foundation of the Toronto Argonaut Football club

1535 The first printing of The Bible in english

1876 First day of class at Texas A&M University

1922 The first radio broadcast of a world series between a series The New York Giants vs New

York Yankees

1955 The Brooklyn Dodgers win the 7 game of the World Series 2 - 0 defeating New York Yankees

1957 Tonight on CBS it’s the debut of Leave it to Beaver


1975 Rick Flair, Tim Woods, Bobby Bruggers, Johnny Valentine, David Crockett Cessna 310 plane crashes.

1990 Beverly Hills 90201 premiers on FOX

1991 Mark Messier becomes a New York Ranger when he is traded by the Edmonton Oilers for Bernie Nichols

2009 Undertaker pins CM Punk in Hell in The Cell match for the WWE Title

Happy Birthday

1941 Anne Rice author of Interview with a Vampire

1895 Buster Keaton actor comedian

1923 Charlton Heston actor Planet of the Ape’s

1948 Linda McMahon part of the WWE family married to Vince

1957 Russell Simmons created Def Jam Recordings

1963 Kazuki Takahashi animator creater of Yu-Gi-Oh!

1977 Richard Reed Parry musician in Arcade Fire

1989 Dakota Johnson actress The Social Network, SNL

1997 Ava Locklear actress daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora

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