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October 6

National Noodle Day

1866 The Reno Brothers rob the first train.

1889 The first motion picture by Thomas Edison is shown.

1936 The New York Yankees with Joe DiMaggio, in his rookie season win the World Series over the New York Giants in six games.

1941 The New York Yankees win the World Series in five games over the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1945 The Curse of the Cubbies begins when Billy Sianis pet billy goat get ejected from Wrigley Field in Chicago.

1947 The New York Yankees win the World Series in seven games over the Brooklyn Dodgers.

1927 The world premier of the film The Jazz Singer.

1961 The #9 jersey of Maurice Richard get hung on the rafters by the Montreal Canadiens.

1963 Los Angeles Dodgers win the World Seriers Over the defending Champs New York Yankees

1985 Season 1 Episode 1 of the Transformers airs on TV

Happy Birthday

1935 Bruno Sammartino WWE hall of Fammer, held the heavyweight title for 4040 days.

1954 David Hidalgo musician in the band Los Lobos

1963 Elisabeth Shue Back to the Future II - III, Cocktail.

1978 Pamela David actress, model

1984 Fabiane Niclotti 2001 Miss Universe 1990 Scarlett Byrne actress in the Harry Potter Seriers

1997 Nicole Corrales Instagram Model