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On This Day

September 13

International Chocolate Day

1923 Miguel Primo de Rivera forms a military coup starts a dictators in Spain

1956 The first disk storage IBM 305 RAMAC is introduced

1965 Toronto open’s it’s New City Hall

1965 A Hard Days night by the Beatles wins the Grammy for album of the year

1969 Scooby-Doo makes it’s TV debut

1969 At Varsity Stadium the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival takes place with the debt of John Lennon & Yoko Ono band Plastic Ono Band, Alice Cooper, The Doors

1982 Roy Thomson Hall Opens in Toronto

1985 THE NINTENDO Entertainment System releases the video game Super Mario Brothers

Happy Birthday

1908 Chu Berry musician

1922 Charles Brown Jazz musician

1948 Nell Carter actress Gimme a Break, 227

1969 Tyler Perry film director

1976 Jose Theodore NHL goaltender

1977 Fiona Apple musician

1982 Nene football player

1984 Baron Corbin WWE Wrestler

1996 Lili Reinhart actress in Riverdale



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