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September 25

National Comic Book Day

1926 NHL awards The Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Black Hawks franchisee

1961 The Hustler opens in movie Theatres.

1977 At Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, Elvis final live performance.

2000 On WCW Nitro After being speared by Goldberg threw a steel cage Vince Russo becomes WCW Heavyweight Champion over Booker T

2009 Zombieland premiere at The Austin Fantastic Fest

Happy Birthday

1929 Barbara Walters TV personality

1932 Glen Gould musician

1944 Michael Douglas actor The Game

1952 Christopher Reeve actor Superman

1961 Heather Locklear actress Wayne’s World 2, Spin City

1968 Will Smith rapper actor

1969 Catherine Zeta-Jones actress Entrapment

1970 Dean Ween aka Michael "Mickey" Melchiondo, Jr. in the Band Ween

1973 Bridgette Wilson actress model

1980 T.I. rapper

1995 Aidra Fox adult entertainer