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Day 11

When one door open

Song: Doorman Slowthai Mura Masa

Once again I am experimenting with the curves and follow path in blender. The door is from the Archimesh add on, back wall is a boomerang of a green campfire, the green is from gel over my camera lens, then I choose a few PNG's that I used in collages like the airship The chicken is chicken McNugget a once again I just used a ico sphere with a light inside, Also text your painted the front walls just a little grimy. The song Doorman is just a dope underground club vibe. Which you're only getting a peek inside.


Day 12 12/100

5000 Instagram Post

Song: Good Riddance

It's just a screen recording of all my 4999 Instagram posts, the song I chose was Good Riddance by Green Day which is always used reminiscing about great memories, so I decided to use the song as well because it's just a great song


Day 13 13/100

Playing on the Frozen Humber river

Song: Glaciers of Ice - Ghostface Killa

On one of my afternoon walks I went to film the frozen Humber River, then I added a a bunch of PNG’s, the UFO and the guy sleeping is from a comic book, Android girl was taken from the photo that I took in Vancouver of a street art paste which I photoshopped and change some of the colours, the old man on a boat is from some old magazine, and the boat is my boat Chillin. The song I chose Glaciers Of Ice by the Ghostface Killah because was in my head the whole time I was filming and editing the video.


Day 14 14/100

A Day at The Races

Song: William Tell Overture - Arthur Fielder

This is combining the 100 Day Project & the Febullage collage challenge, the word was zebra so so I made a zebra horse race once again messing with curves in blender, got few PNG images of zebra’s and Zebraman made them follow the curve path, as if they were in a horse race, are use the particle system to make the grass, the background is Churchill Downs and Woodbine racetrack. The song William Tell overture being the most famous horse racing song of all time.


Day 15 15/100

Switching Channels

Song: Hey Matthew - Karel Fialka

So I added four different videos: one of Saturn five takeoff, safety video at a power plant, a couple old house videos want to be safe when you're sick and the other to not waste time while working for the war and the other is a factory making hotdogs.

I chose Hey Matthew by Karel Fialka as a song because it represents watching a lot of television.


Day 16 16/100


Song: Signs - Five Man Electrical Band

Signs is a collection of photos of signs that I have taken myself on some of my travel adventures or found on Google maps. Obvious choice was Signs by the Five Man Electrical Band


Day 17 17/100

Bison On a Busy Street

Song: Take Me Away - Ween


Day 18 18/100

Canary Island G Map Road Trip

Song: Highway Chilie - The Jimi Hendrix Experience



Day 19 19/100

Keele & Bloor Time-lapse

Song Blue Monk - Thelonious Sphere Monk


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