100 Day Project 2021 Day 20 - 29

The Ghost of High Park playing in High Park

Song: Tonight - TV On The Radio

Day 21 21/100

Space Truck ve Space SUV

Song: Low Rider - War

Day 22 22/100

Layers of Train

Song: The Choice Is Yours - Black Sheep

Day 23 23/100

Umbrella Street in Old San Juan

Umbrella Street in Old San Juan Puerto Rico filmed during a 2019 cruise is one of the most popular tourist attractions, it’s quite a beautiful site, especial

the way the sun steps through the fabric of the umbrellas.

Song: Tu No Metes Cabra - Bad Bunny

Day 24 24/100

Lion Crushing a Serpent Statue

Lion crushing a serpent statue by Antoine-Louis Barye, located in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia Pennsylvania. #Blender experimentation with texture painting. The model was downloaded from scan the world.

Day 25 25/100

Dead Tree Blues

Canoeing amongst the dead trees, shot with a Sony Action Camera, edited the video in Blender, sped it up to fit the 30 sec for reel, then turned it black and white.

Song Dead Flag Blue - GodSpeed You Black Emperor

Day 26 26/100

Collage on a Tea Cup

Collage on a Tea Cup , part of the februallage collage challenge, the word of the day was tea cup. I had a tea cup that I wanted to Mod Podge.

Song: You’re So Great - Blur

Day 27 27/100

Satellites searching for Jellyfish

Satellites searching for Jellyfish, took film footage of jellyfish from Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, added some .png images of NASA satellites. Got them to move around to observe jellyfish.

Song: #Neon Knights MSTKRFT

Day 28 28/100

The Making of Bot Da Bot