100 Day Project

Day 30 - 39

Day 30 to 39 From a watching a Gozo ferry & Icebergs in Alaska, rolling down Yonge street and Pond Hockey game.

Day 30

Watching the Gozo Ferry pass by

Sitting In Valletta just watching the Gozo Ferry pass by.

Song: Watching the World Go by with You - Michael Franti & Spearhead

Day 31

The City and the Smoke

The City and the Smoke I’ve been experimenting with UV Editor with just using simple cubs & cylinders, & just added some smoke. Song: Mysterious - Portishead.

Day 32

Rolling Down Yonge street

A mounted Sony Exmor camera on my bike for a ride down Ryerson University Yonge st went down some alleyway to Charles st.

Song: Time Bomb - Rancid

Day 33

6 shoots

Used Paris Collage Challenge photo by Jakayla Toney and screenshots from Google maps.

Song 33 - The Smashing Pumpkins

Day 34

Icebergs In Alaska

Taken from a cruise to Alaska when we when to watch the Icebergs,

Song: Polar Opposites - Modest Mouse

Day 35

Bigur Fireworks on a Saturday Night

Bigur Fireworks on a Saturday Night

Song: The Mardi Gras March - Louis Armstrong

Day 36

Pond Hockey RED VS BLUE

Photoshopped Table hockey players with different faces and uniforms Red team Malta Knight, Me as Zombie in Junction, Bullfighter wearing Ween’s Boognish uniform, Blue Team Vampire Airplane, Burnt face Boom and Hey BRO, downloaded the Hockey nets, for the trees used sapling tree gen, ice is just a cube.

Song Dr. Rock - Ween

Day 37

Revolving Whorl

Revolving Whorl is arcaded game layered over the Exhibition Place wind turbine.

Song: Huone - Vladislav Delay

Day 38

Knowledge Reign Supreme over Nearly Everybody

KRS-ONE mural outside of Yorkdale Subway station.


Goldie / KRS-ONE digital

Day 39

Neon Walk 2