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On This Day

December 11

International Mountain Day

1886 Arsenal Football club first known as the Dial Square play their first game

1916 Indiana becomes the 19 US state

1931 Statute of Westminster day where Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, & Ireland become a sovereign nations.

1934 Alcoholics Anonymous is founded

1946 UNIVEF is established

1964 Sam Cooke is shoot dead at the Hacienda Motel LA California

1972 The 6th Apollo mission Apollo 17 lands on the Moon.

1992 Gary Bettman becomes the NHL first Commissioner

Happy Birthday

1931 Rajneesh Guru Mystic

1944 Brenda Lee Musician

1947 Teri Garr actress Close Encounters of the Third Kind

1954 Jermaine Jackson in The Jackson 5

1958 Nikki Sixx musician Motley Crew

1967 DJ Yella DJ NWA World Class Wrekin Crew.

1970 Victoria Fuller model

1973 Mos Def Rapper, actor

1974 Rey Mysterio JR. WWE superstar 2 x WWE Champion.

1980 Nikki Benz porn star

1992 Tiffany Alvord Singer.

1993 Aspen Mansfield Instagram Model

1995 Jazmin Gonzalez Youtuber

1996 Hailee Steinfeld actress in Bumblebee, The Edge of Seventeen, & Pitch Perfect film seriers.



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