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June 16

Fudge Day

1784 Holland outlaws orange clothing

1884 Switchback Railway the first roller coaster opens on Coney Island

1903 Ford Motor Company gets incorporated

1903 Pepsi Cola Company is founded

1911 IBM is founded

1960 Psycho premieres directed by Alfred Hitchcock

1963 Abroad the Vostok 6 Valentine Tereshkova becomes the first women in space

1967 The legendary Monterey Pop Festival

1980 The world premiere of the Blue Brothers

1986 The Queen is Dead is released by The Smiths

1989 The premier of Ghostbusters II

1991 Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russia SSR

2000 The remake of the film Shaft Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa Williams, & Busta Rhymes Directed by John Singleton is released in movie theaters

2013 At the Champs-Elysees Film Festival Despicable Me 2 Premiers

Happy Birthday

1829 Geronimo

1930 Vilmos Zsigmond cinematographer

1946 Derek Sanderson 2 x Stanley Cup Champion

1955 Laurie Metcalf actress Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory

1959 Ultimate Warrior WWE Champion

1971 Tupac Shakur Rapper actor

1982 Missy Peregrym actress

1995 Lauren Southern politician