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June 17

Root Beer Day

1937 A Day at the Races opens starring Groucho Marx

1944 Iceland declares independence

1947 Pan Am Airways becomes the first international airline

1954 Rocky Marciano defeats Ezzard Charles for the Heavyweight boxing title

1977 Steve Winwood releases his first album Steve Winwood

1970 The Polaroid camera is patented by Edwin Land

1976 The ABA joins The NBA

1984 John Turner is sown in a Prime Minister of Canada

1994 The O.J. Simpson is charged with for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman & the now infamous white Ford Bronco chase

1997 The NHL expands to 4 teams Nashville Predators, Atlanta Thrashers, Minnesota Wild, & Columbus Blue Jackets

2008 The first same sex marriage takes place in California

2008 Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship over the LA Lakers

2010 LA Lakers win the NBA Championship over the Boston Celtics

Happy Birthday

1881 Tommy Burns Boxing World Heavyweight Champion

1882 Igor Stravinsky composer

1947 Paul Young musician in the band Mike + The Mechanics

1949 Snakefinger musician in The Residents

1955 Bob Sauve NHL goaltender won the Vezina & William M. Jennings Trophy

1958 Jello Biafra musician in the band Dead Kennedys.

1970 Will Forte actor SNL, The Last Man On Earth

1973 Krazy Bone Rapper in Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

1987 Kendrick Lamar rapper

1994 Julia Kelly Instagram model


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