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June 25

Leon Day backwards Noel

1949 The Bugs Bunny fim Long-Haired Hare hits movie theatres

1976 At Shea Stadium Andre The Giant defeats Chuck Wepner in a boxing vs wrestler match

1978 The Rainbow flag is raised for the first time in San Francisco

1982 Blade Runner opens in movie theatres starring Harrison Ford

1984 The album Purple Rain is released by Prince

2009 FARRAH FAWCETT passes away

Happy Birthday

1903 Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell writer

1928 Peyo creater of the comic / cartoon The Smurfs

1940 Clint Warwick bass player for The Moody Blues

1956 Anthony Bourdain Chief, Author

1963 George Michael Pop Star

1963 Supercat

1963 Doug Gilmour NHL hockey player won a Stanley Cup with the Calgary Flames in 1990

1974 Jeff Cohen played Chunk in the film The Gooines

1979 Busy Philipps actress

1993 Jamie Genevieve Youtber



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