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On This Day

June 7

Flag Day In Peru

National VCR Day

1340 In the Netherlands the city of Rotterdam is established.

1929 Vatican City is award it’s sovereign

1955 The first Home Video Recorder is on sale made by Sony.

1967 The Western El Dorado directed by Howard Hawks starring John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, & James Caan.

1971 Russia Launch Soviet Soyuz 11

1984 The film GhostBusters premieres starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson & Rick Moranis.

1990 In Orlando Florida Universal Studios open.

2004 The Tampa Bay Lightning win their first Stanley cup over the Calgary Flame

2009 Extreme Rules '09 with 4 Title changes Chris Jericho wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship over Rey Mysterio Jr., Batista wins WWE Championship beating Randy Orton in a steel cage match, Jeff Hardy wins the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match over Jeff Hardy, Only to lose it to CM Punk who cashed in his MITB and win World Heavyweight Championship

Happy Birthday

1837 Alois Hitler

1907 Jessica Tandy

1917 Dean Martin member of the Rat Pack, singer actor stared Rio Bravo, Ocean's 11, & The Wrecking Crew.

1929 John Turner 17th Prime Minster of Canada

1940 Tom Jones singer

1942 Muammar Gaddafi political leader

1943 Superstar Billy Graham WWE Hall of Famer 1 x WWWF Champion

1946 Jenny Jones Talk show Host

1950 Howard Finkel WWE Ring Announcer

1952 Liam Neeson Actor

1958 Prince Musician

1965 Mick Foley aka Mankind, Dude Love,Cactus Jack,WWE Hall of Famer 3 x WWF Champion

1970 Mike Modano Former NHL Hockey Player

1975 Allen Iverson NBA Superstar

1981 Anna Kournikova Tennis player

1988 Michael Cera actor stars in Arrested Development, Twin Peaks, The Lego Batman Movie, The Simpsons & Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

1990 Iggy Azalea Rapper

1991 Emily Ratajkowski model, actress Know for Gone Girl, Versace, Bottega Veneta & DKNY,