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On This Day

March 26

Purple Day / Epilepsy Awareness Day

1915 Vancouver Millionaires win the Stanley Cup over the Ottawa Senators

Vancouver Millionaires 1915

1949 Kentucky wins the NCAA championship betting 80 - 63 over Oklahoma State

1970 The documentary Woodstock is released in movie theatres

1976 Labatt Brewing purchases The Toronto Blue Jays

1997 Heaven’s Gate Suicides are discovered

1990 Digital Underground release the album Sex Packets

1996 Busta Rhymes release the album The Coming

2000 American Beauty wins best picture at the 72nd Academy Award

2001 WWE buys WCW changing wrestling forever!

Happy Birthday 2

1891 Tennessee Williams author

1931 Leonard Nimoy actor Spock Star track

1940 James Caan actor Misery, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Simpsons, Elf, Dick Tracy, & The Godfather

1948 Steven Tyler musician in the band Aerosmith

1949 Vicki Lawrence actress The Carol Burnett Show played Thelma Harper

1950 Teddy Pentergrass

1968 Jmaes Iha musician in the band Smashing Pumpkins

1974 Larry Page one of the founders of Google

1984 Sara Jean Underwood model

1984 Annette Schwarz porn star

1986 Misty Stone porn Star

1992 Nina Agdal model


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