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Mr. Metro


The music video for Mr.Metro by Devon makes The Good The Bad Music Videos Shoot in Toronto because not only does capture Yonge & Dundas downtown core of Toronto what it looked in 1992 but also shows expose the real side of Toronto whether, the Police to who could be racist or discriminatory towards people, also a right to freedom of speech & protesting. Unfortunately it seems as if not much changed, Yonge and Dundas got a facelift since this video was made in since 1992, carding has been introduced, activists are still protesting again police brutality and police discrimination. This video made more people aware of the situations going on in the city of Toronto, no longer turn a blind eye to please Police brutality or Police discrimination.

  • Opening shoot is a Toronto Police car all light up, cut away to Lansdowne ave. street sign.

  • Devon tosses away the Toronto Sun Newspaper

  • A shot of the Metro Toronto Police motto To Serve and Protect

  • Protest signs Lester Donaldson was murdered Jail the Killer Cops / Smash Racism Fight for Socialism from a Rally

  • Rally in front of Old City Hall

  • Devon Walks past Zanzibar Tavern well know Toronto Strip Club

  • Devon Raps in front of one of the old Yellow Police cars stopped in front of the Eaton Centre on Yonge st.

  • Toronto Cops Patrolling the streets

  • Devon dancing on some steel grated steps, they look like the steps of Massey Hall

  • Devon gets photobombed on Yonge st. going past Canada Post Mail Boxes.

  • The Winston Chill Statute in City Hall Nathan Phillip Square

  • A Police case

  • Break Dancing in front of Sam The Record Man

  • References Snow snog “informer”

  • The Cop Breaking up the Breakdancing in front of city hall.

Allot of the police filmed in the video faces had to blacked out due to a treat of a defamation charges & I can't forget to mention the 8o's silhouette shots of dancers, police arresting individuals, and people jamming a classic.

The Map of The Video for Mr.Metro


Born: England

Raised: Malton, Ontario


1990 Mr. Metro - single

1992 It’s My Nature - Album


1990 Much Music RnB Video award

1993 Juno Best Rap Recording Keep It Slamming


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