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November 2

Day of the Dead / All Souls Day

On This Day

1898 University of Minnesota Johnny Campbell leads the first cheerleading squad

1930 Ethiopia crowns Haile Selassie as emperor

1936 The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC radio hits the airwaves for the first time

1976 You can now check out book from the Toronto Reference Library new loccation on 789 Yonge Street

1996 Ween start recording 12 Golden Country Greats

2016 The cursces of the Chicago Cubs is over as they win the World Seriers in 7 games defeating the Cleveland Indians

Happy Birthday

1795 Hames K. Polk 11th President of United States

1865 Warren G Harding 29th President of United States

1961 K.D. Lang Musician

1966 David Schwimmer Actor on the TV show friends

1974 Nelly Rapper

1981 Jamie Westenhiser model

1981 Avy Scott Porn Star

1983 Fred Rosser formal Darren Young wrestler in the WWE

1984 Julia Stegner model for Victoria Secret & Maybelline

1987 Kassondra Raine


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