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On This Day

June 1st

National Skip off day

1869 Thomas A Edison patentees the Voting Machine

1927 Drivers licenses are now mandatory in Ontario

1939 It’s a bird is a plane it’s Superman appears in his first comic book in Action Comics Series #1 created by Joe Shuster

1957 Trans-Canada Air DC-8 becomes the first non stop flight from Toronto to Vancouver

1961 The FM Radio signal is broadcasted for the first time

1969 Give Peace a Chance is record During The John Lennon And Yoko Ono Bed in Along withTommy and Dick Smothers Timothy Leary And Marie McKay.

1973 Live and Let Die is released by Paul McCartney and Wings for the James Bond film Live and Let Die

1990 CNN Cable News Network hits the small screen

1992 The Pittsburg Penguins win the Stanley Cup sweeping the Chicago Blackhawks

1996 Seven wins Best Movie at MTV Movie Awards

Happy Birthday

1890 Frank Morgan actor in The Wizard of OZ

1901 Hap Day Hockey Legend 7 X Stanley Cup Cahmap, played for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

1926 Andy Griffith actor

1926 Marilyn Monroe actress Some Like it Hot

1934 Pat Boone Singer

1937 Morgan Freeman actor Seven,

1947 Ronnie Wood in the musician bad Rolling Stones

1961 Paul Coffey NHL Hockey Hall of Famer, 4 x Stanley Cup Champion, 3 x Canada Cup Champ

1967 Roger Sanchez DJ

1969 Taylor St. Claire adult entertainer

1973 Heidi Klum model actress

1974 Alanis Morissette musician

1981 Amy Schemer comedian, actress in Saturday Night Live, I Feel Pretty, The Simpsons, Inside Amy Schemer, & Trainwreck.

1986 Dayana Mendoza model, Miss Universe

1989 Brooklyn Lee adult entertainer

1991 Chloe Khan Model

1996 Tom Holland actor famous for playing the role of Spiderman



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