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We're leaving Toronto Pearson International Airport heading to Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris, France the flight is roughly 8hrs, a short over then onto the Island of Malta which takes about 2:45 mins. Will be hopping on Air France but first we stop at the Delta lounge for a beverage, there they're loading up the luggage, hopefully my luggage makes it on the plane, ready for takeoff which is my favorite part of flying, the airplane picking up speed the feel of the wheels lifting off the ground, then the plane starts to descend to the sky. When I fly I always try to book a window seat, put on my headphones and listen to one of my favorite albums, just so I can observing all what’s going out the window, fields, & highways with cars that look like ants.

Stop over in Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris to catch our Flight to Malta, We don’t have much time, we got to catch the connecting flight which is in another terminal, we pass pink bull, and a red piano, we're on our connecting flight from Paris to Malta, I love flying from Europe to Malta because we go over the mountains and the last time I went over these mountains I wound up moving to Vancouver and I stay there for seven years that's where RJZTV started.

What’s the first thing you want to do when you get to Malta?

Jump into the Mediterranean Sea, do some snorkeling, looking at all the different species of fish, sea urchin and other sea creatures. We are swimming at St. Paul's Bay. It's named after St.Paul the Apostle whose was shipwrecked on the Island.

Five things to Have on your Carry On luggage?

  1. Power Bank to keep your Cell Phone / Laptop charged / Tablet

  2. Medical supplies ToothBrush, Hand wipes, Rubber Gloves, & medication.

  3. Cell Phone / Tablet / Headphones

  4. Map with an info pack just in case you lose your wallet or purse you have a copy of all your info.

  5. A Good Book some of my favorites are On The Road - Jack Kerouac, Howard Stern Comes Again

Tip use resealable bags to keep your items protected from water and other spills

This video was edited use Blender 2.82, the camera used was an Olympus TG860 Digital PS Camera.