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Their are so many films about Mary Jane, RJZTV first Joints we smoke in the 420 Film Festival are films, televisions show, & public services announcement that I haven't smoked yet.

Dragnet Season 2 The Big 17

Dragnet Season 2 The Big 17 aired on November 6, 1952 sixth nineteen fifty-two on the NBC network it was directed and Stars by Jack Webb, Hubert Alice Angelina Roberts & Foster Lewis, who plays the kid that loses his weed, during a quarrel at a movie theatre, denied it, then ratted one of his chums, Sgt. Joe Friday then detected that homie had “got enough H to start a war.”

Music by Walter Schumann.

Watch your stash, because Sgt. Joe Friday will snatch your stash and put you in the trash



Tag was released on June 14 2008, Directed by Jeff Tomic, Stars Ed Helms, Lil Howery, Jon Hamm, Annabelle Walls, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress, Isla Fisher & Jeremy Renner who plays the man who will never be tagged in the May. It’s May & you know what that means it’s time for an annual game of tag between life long friends. Jerry will got at any length not to get tagged. This movie is based on a real story of Friends & their life long game of tag.

The music is the dopest thing about This movie, the soundtrack is like a throwback to one of my old mixtapes, with The Pharcyde Runnin, Check the Rhime by a Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys Shake Your Rump, Back in The Day Ahmad, Sound of Da Police KRS-ONE & even Ice-T Colors.

It gets 5 Mics for the soundtrack.



Keanu premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival on March 13 2016, directed by Peter Atencio stars Jordan Peele. Keegan-Micheal Key & Tiffany Haddish. All dogs must chase the cat.

The soundtrack George Michael’s Faith along with Father Figure & Freedom plays threw out the movie with NWA dropping Fuck the Police, Tap the bottle and Twist the Cap by the Young Black Teenagers ironically on the real a bunch of rich white kids.

So high, cannot recall this movie at all.


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