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Ghost Dog vs Hagar Qim Temples

Animation by Ryan Zammit & Kelly Clarkson

Music by Clara Rockmore The Vocalise

Bark by Freb An RJZTV Production

Ghost Dog is a my first long-form blender project it runs 3:30. I recently got a Desktop PC, my Mac Laptop was unable to process for that long. It’s a combination of a projects I’ve was working on during the past year at Blender Club. A rocket, Mercury, the galaxy world, the Hagar temples and of course Ghost Dog, I used a song The Vocalise by Clara Rockmore she uses a Thurman a tribute to my love of B-Films it would fit right in and the family dog Ferb for the barking.

Ghost Dog started as an exercise or a practice if you will, on how to append blender projects into another blender project, then decided to figure how to use cameras so I used five different cameras for this video, It’s taken me about a month to combined & edit everything together, but Its finally done and I’m looking forward to creating more animated videos.

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